Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator


Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator

The safest, easiest & most dependable method for ethylene application is available for lease or purchase.

For Operating Instructions in various languages, please see our Support Page:
Operating Instructions

Our Easy-Ripe® Generator provides consistent, non-pressurized ethylene on a continual basis in order to achieve uniform ripening and degreening….the “trickle” method!

How it Works:

  • Simply place in the ripening room in a convenient location
  • Plug into a properly grounded electrical outlet
  • Select conversion rate
  • Pour one or two liters of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate
  • Ethylene production begins in just a few minutes!


Ethylene output is adjustable for multiple room sizes, which means the Easy-Ripe® can adapt to any ethylene PPM requirements. For larger rooms, additional units easily achieve proper ethylene levels.


Proper Operation Indicator Light:
With intelligent microprocessor technology, critical production processes of the generator are monitored. A highly visible light on the top of the generator constantly shows the operation status of the unit:

green light makes it clearly evident of ethylene production
A red light will provide an alert in the rare occurrence of a malfunction.

Compliance with International Testing Standards:

Available with TÜV (TÜV SÜD) and CE Conformity to 73/23/CEE and 89/336/EEC.

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Additional details:

  • Can work with a computerized ripening room control system.
  • Available in a wall-mounted version.
  • Large 2.5 liter reservoir.

Conversion Rate Settings of Ethy-Gen® II and approximate room size:
#1: 1 Litre every 48 hours; 45 – 70 m3
#2: 1 Litre every 36 hours; 71 – 141 m3
#3: 1 Litre every 24 hours; 142 – 212 m3
#4: 1 Litre every 12 hours; 213 – 340+ m3

We have found these setting to be applicable for most rooms and provide sufficient ethylene (100-200 ppm) to initiate the ripening process in bananas, tomatoes and other fruits (except citrus, which requires less than 10 ppm; for this, use our Citrus Generator). However, some ripeners prefer to take ethylene readings with an Air Sampling Kit and select the setting that produces the ethylene level desired. As always, please contact us if we can be of service.

Note that for rooms larger than 340 m3, additional generators can be used, if needed, to achieve the proper ethylene level. It may be possible to use just one generator for a room that is larger than 340 m3; it depends upon how tight the room is. We have some customers that are able to use just one generator in rooms that are over 500 m3 and achieve 150 ppm of ethylene.

Other Specifications

Voltage: 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 0.65A / 160W

Weight: 5 kg; Shipping weight is 5.5 kg)

Dimensions: 30.5 cm height / 23.5 cm depth  / 24.1 cm width

Minimum Room Size: 43 cubic meters

Warranty: One (1) year

*Remember that ethylene is explosive at 27,000 ppm; always use our generators in ripening rooms that are 45 m3 or larger. Our products, when used as directed, cannot produce explosive levels of ethylene in commercial ripening rooms.