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History of Ripe Rite Ltd.

RipeRiteLtdFounded in 1981 by Fred Clarke, Ripe Rite has come a long way in the past 35 years. We’ve changed our name from Banana-Rite to Ripe Rite in order to reflect the wide variety of fruit ripening products and options available. These days, the company is run by Fred’s son, Paul and his wife Diana, out of Shropshire, United Kingdom.  Meet the Team!

“We are changing the name because although the Banana-Rite name has served us well we feel we need a name that more reflects all the other produce the system can be used for rather than a name that implies the product can be used for bananas only.”

Originally developed in 1973 by Catalytic Generators USA, this process of on-site ethylene application was imported to the UK in 1981 and has been operating commercially for over 30 years. It’s been exported to Europe, Switzerland, Denmark, India and Australia, to name but a few.

The Catalytic Generator system was also used in the UK by a prominent potato supplier for tests on anti sprouting control with onions and potatoes during the storage with great success.

Quality service is key in the fresh produce industry, and we hold our company to the same high standards we had 30 years ago. Ripe Rite supplies generators and consumables, plus provides product service, to all the major players in the ripening industry and we currently have customers in more than a dozen countries.

Our equipment and fuel – the Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate – are produced in the United States by Catalytic Generators LLC, and shipped to the U.K. by sea. The bond between Catalytic Generators and Ripe Rite is what has allowed us to provide such excellent service and technical support to our customers for all these years and ensures that this will continue!

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History of Catalytic Generators

CatalyticGenerators_Logo_UK-smallFruit ripening by ethylene application used to be a risky business. Bulky cylinders and awkward lecture tubes made the entire process difficult, expensive, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, which is why we started Catalytic Generators, LLC. We knew there had to be a better way.

After extensive research and experimentation, our vision became a reality. In 1973, the Catalytic Generator and Ethy-Gen® Ripening Concentrate were patented, and suddenly fruit ripeners had a safe, easy method for applying ethylene.

Ripeners in the United Kingdom have this technology readily available!

Just like a piece of fruit maturing, our generator has changed over the years, inside and out. From the awkward 70’s years to the stainless steel 80’s model, all the way to the current svelte version, our generators are constantly changing and improving.

View the progression here:

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