Meet the Team

Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke

Managing Director

How Many Years with company: Since Day 1 set up in 1981

Favourite Part of Job: Being part of something from its creation and watching it grow over the years.

Favourite Fruit: Oranges, Bananas and Avocados.

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Martial Arts, SCUBA Diving, Shooting and hunting with my two black Labradors, Marley and Ziggy.



Diana ClarkeDiana Clarke

Company Secretary

How Many Years with company: 12

Favourite Part of Job: Talking to people.

Favourite Fruit: Melons and Peaches.

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Really boring, love reading, playing FreeCell, Candy Crush, helps me think.



Reah Clarke-BaileyReah Clarke-Bailey

Office Manager

How Many Years with company: 3

Favourite Part of Job: The learning curve.  Interacting with different people on a daily basis.

Favourite Fruit: Grapes, Berries and Tomatoes and not forgetting Bananas of course.

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Horses, Horses and more Horses.



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