Ethylene Application

When you hear the term “ethylene,” what comes to mind?

For many, ethylene is solely linked to the ability to initiate ripening of traditional fruits, like bananas, in 20-40 pallet pressurized ripening rooms. However, ethylene has a multitude of uses including the ripening and degreening of organics, tropical fruits, field-grown tomatoes, greenhouse tomatoes, tobacco and even sprout suppression of potatoes and onions! And much of this takes place not in smaller ripening rooms but in large warehouses where many tons of produce are stored.

By further exposing these products to the natural plant hormone, ethylene, the result is enhanced quality…better color and almost ready-to-eat…for that perfect consumer experience! Our wide selection of ethylene generators provides safe, quick, residue-free and easy to use ripening for fresh produce and tobacco. Find uses for ethylene application below!

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Tropical Fruit  Ethylene Application

Bananas, papayas, mangoes, avocados… the list of tropical fruits goes on and on! Our ethylene generators are valued for their ability to further ripen tropical fruits post-harvest which enhances the taste and overall quality. For detailed specifications of tropical fruit ethylene application, view our resource page here.

Need to ripen Organic Tropical Fruit?

Our products have been certified in the use of ripening organic tropical produce, as well. The United Kingdom’s Soil Association allows for the use of ethylene under health & beauty care products rule 41.2.7 as a plant growth regulator. Visit the UK Soil Association’s web site here.

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Field-grown Tomatoes Ethylene Application

Ethylene affects the growth, development, ripening, and aging of all plants. From this, field-grown tomatoes can be ripened with a natural plant hormone in the final stages of post-harvest before hitting grocery store shelves or food service counters. Residue-free, our ethylene generators and Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate turn mature-green tomatoes into a perfectly ripened red.

For further tomato ethylene ripening tips, we’ve compiled best practices for field-grown tomato ethylene application here.

tomato - 300x300Greenhouse Tomatoes Ethylene Application

It’s the end of the season for your greenhouse tomatoes, and they need to be harvested quickly with uniform ripeness…what do you do? Utilize a safe, easy and residue-free way to speed up and improve the process! Increase the volume of a natural plant hormone in the greenhouse, one that the tomato already produces as it ripens: ethylene.

We have recently worked with several greenhouse tomato growers across the world to enhance the quality of their last harvest. To learn more about greenhouse tomato ripening, click here.

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Tobacco Ethylene Application

Save money on electricity and fuel, and get higher-quality tobacco leaves utilizing our ethylene tobacco generators for tobacco curing.  Ethylene will cut up to 30 hours of normal yellowing, wilting and drying times of mature leaves.

Tobacco properly cured with Ethy-Gen® II has fewer green butts, green fibers, and other off-colors. Ethy-Gen® II treated tobacco generally grades higher and brings a higher price. The use of Ethy-Gen® II can cut up to 32 hours of curing time, reducing energy costs and allowing earlier re-use of the curing system. When it is necessary to cure ripe, yellow, and mature-green tobacco (or separate varieties with different curing characteristics) together, the generator helps insure a more uniform color throughout the cure. Find tips on how to use our equipment in tobacco barns/curing chambers here.