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For over 40 years Catalytic Generators has been manufacturing safe ethylene generators and easy-to-use Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. We now offer several types of catalytic generators designed for fruit ripening & degreening, each with its own unique advantage.

Ripeners in the UK have this technology readily available!

For over 30 years, Ripe Rite has provided supply, service and support for Catalytic Generators in the UK.  Ripeners do not have to use dangerous and unpredictable cylinder ethylene; no more use of the unreliable “one shot method” of injecting large quantities of ethylene to ensure that enough ethylene remains in the room for 24 hours.  No more using “Ripe Gas,” which contains only 4.5% ethylene mixed in with a Carbon Dioxide propellant…an inefficient and unwise way to apply ethylene.  Why?  Why does one vent a ripening room?  To remove the Carbon Dioxide that the fruit emits. So why use a product that adds even more Carbon Dioxide to the ripening room?  Our product creates almost pure ethylene in your ripening room under a “trickle system.”

No need for a large “shot” method of ethylene application; our generators slowly and continuously convert Ethy-Gen® II into ethylene.  Known as the “trickle” method, ethylene will be provided to the room continuously so that fruit will ripen better with more uniform results. Ethylene levels quickly build to the necessary ppm levels and are maintained for the full ethylene application period (typically 24-48 hours).

Make ethylene in your rooms, as needed.  With our system, ethylene is made right inside the ripening room, versus transmitted by pipe into each individual room. Simply switch on the ethylene in each room, and adjustments to the levels are made. Never worry about wasted ethylene dissipating in your pipes again or leaking out on the way to the rooms.

Catalytic Generators is the only ethylene generator company with products certified by both UL (120VAC) and TÜV (120 & 230 VAC).

Don’t be fooled by copycats…trust only the original Catalytic Generator for your ripening operations.