Safety Compliance



TUV ULProduct safety and consistency matter, and it’s why we’ve made them the hallmarks of our business. We strive to produce high-quality ethylene generators and part of this process is ensuring that they not only meet our quality standards, but also of third-party testing services.

A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an organization that certifies products for the
North American market.  We’ve chosen to be frequently evaluated by two of the best, Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL®) and TÜV SÜD America.

Our generators and manufacturing facility are inspected frequently by UL and TÜV, and we continually conform to applicable product safety test standards. Our equipment has been certified to be safe from any foreseeable risk of fire, electrical shock, and related hazards, when used as directed.

This means you can rest assured that you, your employees and your property are using ethylene generators that are the best, and that are certified by the best.

Also, we certify that our generators comply with the following European Community Directives, including the successive changes and the related national laws:

  • 73/23/CEE – EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 89/336/EEC – EC Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility