UK-CRD Statement on use of unapproved products for fruit ripening

In the UK and USA, products used to ripen fruit must be registered with the government. Recently in the UK there have been some companies selling unregistered products for ripening, and have caused some confusion amongst the banana industry.

In order to clarify what is legal and what is illegal, the UK’s Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) issued in July a statement about this issue. In it, they clarify that products used to ripen must be approved & registered:

“Any denatured ethanol containing product used in a catalytic ethylene generator must itself be approved. Sale, supply or use of an unapproved product for these purposes may be an offence under the regulations.”

Here is a link to the full statement from CRD’s website.

Note that since 2007, Ethy-Gen® II has been and remains registered with the CRD, under MAPP No: 15839. In the USA, Ethy-Gen® has been registered since 1978 and holds registration number 37433-1.

With CRD approval and consent, Ethy-Gen® II is the best choice for ethylene application for fruit ripening. Here’s why:

  • CRD approved for the use on ripening fruit
  • Ethy-Gen® II is sourced from grain not petroleum, making it more environmentally friendly and from renewable sources.
  • Ethy-Gen® II and the compounds emitted from its conversion through a catalytic generator have been extensively tested by a third party as directed by CRD and are approved as proper for the use in ripening fruit. Unapproved ethanol-based products contain untested and unapproved ingredients and may result in inferior and unsafe by-products.
  • Ethy-Gen® II is fully labeled and batch numbered to conform with CRD approval and traceability.
  • Comprehensive and regularly updated SDS will be send upon request; please contact us.